Do Your Patriotic Duty and Vote for a DDPP Shirt Design!!

What to do in the 560 days, 2 hours, and 41 minutes until you get to vote for president? How about casting your ballot for one of these hot new shirt designs? BEHOLD:
Design 1:

ddpp_shirt_shoe           ddpp_shirt_shoe_sample

Design 2:

ddpp_shirt_boom              ddpp_shirt_boom_sample

Design 3:

ddpp_shirt_tape              ddpp_shirt_tape_sample

Here’s how it works: you cast your vote sometime between now and May 10, when we’ll announce our winning t-shirt design in class and via social media. Everybody is welcome to bring in a shirt or tote bag of their choice (new or old) and we’ll screenprint it for you for free at DDPP Twin Cities World Headquarters (aka DJ Low-Fi’s living room) and bring it back to the following session. We’re planning on a couple different color schemes and might shape up the chosen design for the final product, so feel free to add any comments that would make these great designs even better.
Vote by email (ddpptwincities [at] gmail [dot] com), Twitter (@ddpptwincites), Facebook, or IRL at our next session on May 10. A very special shout-out and thank you to DDPP Men’s Auxiliary Chair Pete G. for donating his formidable design and screenprinting skills.



Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to DJ May 10, the session is still up for grabs!

One thought on “Do Your Patriotic Duty and Vote for a DDPP Shirt Design!!

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