March 8: DJ SameSame + March 28: DJ HeyYa

Hey y’all! We’ve had a wonderful March here at DDPP. On 3/8, we celebrated the debut of DJ SameSame. The mix kicked off with one of my favorite hits of the 90s:

(Trigger warning: CLOWNS)

For the cool-down, we were promised a ballad so epic that we’d have to fight to keep from belting along, and DJ SameSame delivered, hard:

Update: Here’s the mix — thanks, DJ SameSame!


Last Sunday, we were also treated to another great DJ debut: Say “Howdy!” to DJ HeyYa and her “Dance Around the House Party” mix:


Dj HeyYa’s mix definitely delivered some more 90s goodness:


Thanks everybody! Next session, DJ Ghostwriter curates for our dancing pleasure once again. Until next time . . .

I’m totally shaking his hand


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