Wrapping Up September Sweeps

September 19, 2013
Days of the Week ~ DJ Groove

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, THURSDAY!  DJ Groove keeps September Sweeps rolling dancing  through every day of the week, not just those pesky weekends (Thursday’s our favorite).  Thanks DJ Groove!

“Happy Days” Theme
Eight Days a Week ~ The Beetles
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…
Sunday Morning ~ Mary Mary
Sunday Girl
Gloomy Monday Morning ~ The Black Holl…
Blue Moon ~ New Order
I Hate Tuesdays
Tuesday Night ~ Hillbilly Boys
Wednesday Girl ~ Jetset
Wednesday ~ Rene Lopez
Thursday you Said you Loved Me ~ Charlie…
Thursday the 21st ~ Ash Archer
Friday ~ J.J. Cale
Friday Night Boogie ~ Terry Hogan
Another Saturday Night ~ Sam Cooke
Saturday Night’s Alright ~ Elton John
A Sunday Smile ~ Beirut

September 26, 2013
Covers ~ DJ Rashes

Some songs are so good you’ve just got to make them over again and again.  Enjoy dancing to these classic hits from a new perspective…maybe you’ll be so inspired you’ll try out a few new moves.



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