Den Mother Week, part deux.

Last week was another Den Mother-helmed mix at DDPP, and DJ Xplosion did a great job of getting us all grooving out to her awesome mix. She had a bit of a theme – 90’s hip hop. Clearly, DJ Roomba loved it up (it is her favorite era, after all), as well as the rest of our dancing ladies.

dj roomba 1

dj roomba 2

dj roomba 3

(Just substitute DJ Roomba for DJ Xplosion and then those pics make total sense!) 

DJ Xplosion played one of those songs that ALWAYS brings you back to where you first heard it for me, Coolio’s 1, 2, 3, 4. Doesn’t sound familiar? I’m sure you’ll recognize it if you click play!

Here is DJ Xplosion’s whole mix, and the spotify mix for those of you who like to listen there!

DJ Xplosion Mix August 2013

Next week, we are doing things a lil bit differently at DDPP. We have a huge list of amazing mixes from all of you from the past, so we’ve decided to go into the DDPP catalogues to revisit some of our Greatest Hits! Your den mothers will bring a few of our favorite mixes from the past on Thursday and you can help us decide which ones to play. If you have a request, you can always let us know in the comments and we’ll be certain to bring that mix. If you’re trying to remember what your faves were, you can always browse the blog (since you’re already here) or check out our Spotify, with a lot of mixes from the last 2-3 years.

Big ‘ol DDPP Announcement:

We would also like to unveil a new plan for this fall: September Sweeps! your den mothers know how much everyone loves March Madness and how amazing your mixes always are, but there are only so many weeks in March. This year, we’re launching September Sweeps, a.k.a. the Fall’s Theme Mix month! Start working on your theme mixes now and put in your DJ request early, because we will likely fill up quickly. I’d love to see some more collaborative mixes as well, so start thinking about your themes, ladies!

Upcoming schedule:

August 8 – DDPP Greatest Hits

August 15 – Likely DDPP Greatest Hits (we have so many great mixes to revisit!)

August 22 – OPEN

August 29 – OPEN


As always, I’ll leave you with the pun of the week. Here’s this one (and yes, I can hear your groaning from here)

handel pun


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