July Update

This post is a bit late in coming (oops) so we’ve got a lot of updates to get through! We had a light month, with only two dances due to the 4th of July and your Den Mothers being out of town/unable to attend the other week! Luckily, we are back at full force again next month and hope to see you all there.

We had a real treat a few weeks ago with DJ Groove’s multicultural mix, heavily influenced by French rap and K-Pop. She had the whole place rocking out to the great rhythms that DJ Groove is well known for finding, and I now have another group of awesome artists to explore further and possibly add to my future mixes! Without further ado, here is DJ Groove’s mix:


And, as is customary here at DDPP, here are all of the songs from her mix that I was able to find in Spotify, for your listening pleasure!

Yesterday, DJ Roomba (me, but I’m going to stick to awkwardly referring to myself in the third person) brought us a mix partially inspired by the ROYAL BABY, aka the topic that kept a large number of workplaces from actually getting any work done this week! In truth, it really did cause some problems for work since DJ Roomba was tasked with a coworker (by virtue of being online a lot) with informing the department with ALL the details. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up being a baby girl names Charlotte as said coworker wished, but we of course wish all the best to the Royal couple and their newborn. Hopefully you’ll be able to get grandma and grandpa to watch the little one often enough to get some sleep!

DJ Groove mixed some songs about London or royalty with songs by artists from the UK and then just a few more fun songs that really got the groove going! As one of our dancers described, it had a lot of songs that allows you to just “go crazy” and rock it out. Here’s the link to listen to the mix on Spotify.

Upcoming Schedule:

August 1 – DJ Xplosion

August 8 – OPEN

As always, just contact us (blog comment, facebook, tweet, text, email, carrier pidgeon, whatever) if you are interested in being a DJ for one of our upcoming dances!

call me maeby


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