Low-Fi’s Return to the DJ Booth

Last Thursday, some DDPP’ers were treated to an awesome mix by DJ Low-Fi. I, unfortunately, was not able to make it as I had to work. Obviously, I wanted desperately to be letting out my inner single lady with all of you, so I’m just gonna have to make up for it this week!.

single ladies dancing gif

After looking at DJ Low-Fi’s mix and hearing about it from Christine, I am now officially SUPER jealous because this mix is seriously ROCKING. According to Christine, “DJ Low-Fi brought the jams, from jazz to funk. It was an awesome mix!”

Here is her mix:

01. The Chalice — Mama
02. New Order — Fine Time
03. Salt ‘N’ Pepa — Groove Me
04. Pet Shop Boys — Try It (I’m in Love with a Married Man)
05. The Marvelettes — Destination Anywhere
06. The Misfits — Hollywood Babylon
07. XTC — Poor Skeleton Steps Out
08. Problem Child — Xylene
09. Yma Sumac — Bo Mambo
10. Haircut 100 — High Noon
11. Inner City — Pennies From Heaven
12. Goblin — Theme from Tenebrae
13. Culo — Down in Ecuador
14. The Crystals — He’s a Rebel
15. Eric Dolphy — Music Matador

And here are the songs that Spotify was able to find from her mix! (I kind of love it when a DJ out-does Spotify.)

DDPP’s Upcoming Schedule:

June 27 – DJ Lux with a Gay Pride Themed Mix!

July 4 – NO DDPP. Enjoy the fireworks!

July 11 – OPEN

As always, let us know if you are interested in DJing for an upcoming week!

For this week, I’m gonna leave you with a gif in memory of Michael Jackson, who passed away four years ago. You rock it, MJ. And you too, MJ.

Michael Jackson & Michael Jordan dancing


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