A New Era at DDPP

Well ladies, it’s official! Michele and Lindsay have retired and Christine and I (Laine) have taken over DDPP. I know we’ll still see our former den mothers at DDPP plenty of times in the future, so this isn’t goodbye!


The Den Mother handing-off ceremony went very well, except for Christine’s closed eyes. 

We have oodles of plans for dance party, but don’t worry – we’re not going to mess with the special sauce that makes DDPP so much fun. We have made a few small changes, involving new window coverings (IKEA blankets ftw) making the room much darker on these summer evenings, as well as some lanterns.

Along with those changes, we are in the process of updating the blog (as you likely noticed) and we also have a twitter account! Follow us at @ DDPPTwinCities for all of our updates, including songs we can’t get out of our head, reminders about upcoming dances and blast-from-the-past mixes that you may have forgotten about!

To kick off what feels like a new season with DDPP, we had DJ Roomba bring us a mix on June 6th. This one was very funk and Motown-infused, with a lot of booty-shaking grooves for us to enjoy. See the full track listing below:

Thanks again to all the ladies who were able to make it to DDPP last week. We are dancing next on June 20th, when DJ Low-Fi will make her grand return to DDPP. I wish I could make it, but I guess I’ll have to settle for listening to the mix later and dancing on my own!


Here’s DDPP’s Upcoming Schedule:

June 20th – DJ Low-Fi

June 27th – DJ Lux with a Gay Pride Themed Mix!

July 4th – NO DDPP! Enjoy the fireworks!

July 11th – OPEN

Let us know if you want to DJ anytime soon, and we will get you on the calendar.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my favorite music pun (in image form) of the last week:




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