Nonstop dancing!

OMG. We, like,  played Girl Talk for the WHOLE DDPP this week!

I totally know all your secret crushes.

Ok, so I lied. When I said we played Girl Talk all night long, I meant we played THIS Girl Talk all night long:

Ladies, we were in mashup heaven. There was a little something for everyone and since all the songs blended together, it was LITERALLY non-stop dancing. I felt like we were in a dance marathon, like in Grease.

Does anyone else think it’s weird that there’s a girl being dragged along the ground as a dance move? Also, Stockard Channing, I love you.

Here’s the great thing about Girl Talk – you can download his music for free. Seriously. The man gives away his music online, so if you liked what you heard tonight, you can download the whole All Day album from Girl Talk’s website. Thank you, Girl Talk!

Thank you to all of our dancers who came out for Girl Talk! Next week we have DJ Roomba, and rumor has it she’s bringing some of the finest talent to ever go viral out of North Minneapolis.

Next week also marks our NEW TIME! We’ll be starting DDPP at 7:00 and dancing for 1 hour – so 7:00-8:00 with a 50-55 minute mix. After hearing your feedback from the survey, we’re hoping the time change will allow more of you to be able to come. So please join us at our new time! And if you forget and arrive next week at 6:30, the Old Arizona ladies will be more than happy to feed you their chocolate chip cookies until we start.

Coming up at DDPP:
September 6, 7-8 (NEW TIME!): DJ Roomba
September 13, 7-8: DJ G Funk
September 20: open!


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