The return of DJs Xplosion and SCIENCE!

We have had some stellar mixes the last two weeks!

First, DJ Xplosion brought us a sports theme mix, that left us bobbing and weaving, climbing up the Philadelphia Art Museum stairs like Rocky.

ImageIf only we could bring our dogs to DDPP. In sweatshirts. There was also this blast from the 90’s past, played at every high school pep fest from now until the end of time:

If you’re going to a sporting event this fall, be sure to listen to DJ Xplosion’s mix’s to get yourself pumped up ahead of time. Let me tell you, I’m going to be the most amped up kickball spectator you’ve ever seen.

Thank you, DJ Xplosion! Send us your mix so we can post it!

Then DJ SCIENCE! brought us a non-theme theme mix – a straight forward, no apologies, “I DO WHAT I WANT” mix. Like this:

I think we may have to take a group DDPP field trip to a tattoo parlor for some matching tattoos, thanks to DJ SCIENCE!ImageThank you, lady! We’re glad to have you back from the clutches of school! Send us your mix so we can post it!

Next week at DDPP, we’ve doing something we’ve only done once before – play an entire album for a mix! We’re bringing you one of the best mashup artists, Girl Talk! So come on out and join us for some good ol’ fashioned remixes! We’ve also got some big changes coming up at DDPP, so look out for an update!

Coming up at DDPP:
August 30 – Girl Talk
September 6 – DJ Roomba
September 13 – DJ G Funk
September 20 – open!


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