In the summertime… with DJs Debutante and Groove

DJ Debutante graced us another hip-shakin’ mix, creating an oasis of music in the middle of this sweltering summer. In addition to such classics like Genie in a Bottle (a real classic) and LMFAO (ok, not really a classic), Debutante included a song I only thought was a myth:


My mom always used to sing the first line of this song, and I thought she was just making a song up – for YEARS, I thought this. I practically flipped my lid when I realized that yes, this crazy song of my moms is actually REAL. So thank you, Debutante! Although “Call Me Maybe” is the hit song of the summer, I kinda like this version:


I’ll share my cookies with you, Cookie Monster.

Thank you, Debutante, for your awesome mix! If you missed it, listen to it here:



DJ Groove also brought us some summer sunshine with her mix! Although our beloved DJ was in absentia from the mix (last minute housewarming parties will do that to you!), she was kind enough to drop the mix off so we could dance anyway!

Did you know that there’s actually a blunderbuss and it’s not just some made-up word from Jack White?

A blunderbuss is actually an old gun! Who knew? Imagine the kind of gun that a pilgrim would carry around (with the flared opening at the end) and you’ve got yourself a blunderbuss.

You learn something new every day! I’m just glad DDPP and DJ Groove can help you win that Jeopardy game with some really random trivia. Yeah, I know you shout answers at the TV. Don’t even lie.

Thank you DJ Groove for your fantastic mix! If you, like DJ Groove, had a housewarming party to go to and couldn’t make it, listen to the mix here:



Thank you to both our DJs for fantastic mixes! Join us next week for DJ Roomba’s Eurotrash influenced mix – it sounds like it’ll be Robyn and her friends, so we’re doing a DDPP Friend night! Bring a friend and dance two for the price of one! BOGO, 50% off, whatever you want to call it. If you’ve been wanting to bring your BFF, this is the week!

Coming up at DDPP:
July 19 – DJ Roomba and the 2-4-1’s
July 26 – DJ G Funk and the annual Birthday mix

August is the DDPP Olympics:
August 3 – DJ Lux and the opening ceremonies of the DDPP Olympics

August 10 – open
August 17 – open
August 24 – DJ SCIENCE!
August 31 – open


DJ Groove’s mix:

DJ Debutante’s mix:


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