DDPP and the 2012 Olympics!

We’re sports fans here at DDPP – Twin Cities and while March Madness has a special place in our hearts, there’s nothing like the Olympics.

To celebrate, we’re having our very own DDPP Olympics! Just like March Madness, we’re having an entire month of theme mixes! Want to make a mix inspired by Michael Phelps? Go for it!

How about a mix cheering on Ashton Eaton?


A little you-go-girl mix for Kellie Wells?

Rock it out.

DJ Lux will be kicking off the opening DDPP Olympics ceremony with a Wedding mix – songs for weddings, songs for wedding receptions, songs that should never be played at weddings… and this DJ is doing her research too, having been invited to 7 weddings this year alone. DJ SCIENCE! returns to us from the clutches of schoolwork on August 23 with a mix of her own.

If you’d like to get in on DDPP Olympics, email and let us know!

August 2: DJ Lux and the Wedding mix
August 9: open
August 16: open
August 23: DJ SCIENCE!
August 30: open


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