DJs G Funk and SCIENCE! ring our bells

Let’s talk about the biggest inspiration for pop music:


DJ G Funk and DJ SCIENCE! each brought us their take on bumpin’ and grindin’ with mixes made up entirely of songs about sex. First up, DJ G Funk’s mix serenaded us with the sounds of some classics like the Starland Vocal Band,

and not one, but TWO Marvin Gaye songs. If that doesn’t make it a sex mix, then I don’t know what does.

Thank you, DJ G Funk, for your sextacular mix! Listen to it here on Spotify: DJ G Funk’s Sexy Times Mix.


If G Funk and Marvin Gaye made us sway our hips, then DJ SCIENCE! was full out pelvic thrusting. In her last DJ appearance before her summer class takes her away again, DJ SCIENCE! celebrated the pure enthusiasm of getting laid:

Hasn’t everyone at least received a call (or made a call) saying, “I JUST DID IT!!” I also feel like this Tom Jones song is a lot sexier BEFORE seeing the music video:

It kinda ruined a good song for me…

Thank you DJ G Funk and DJ SCIENCE! for your sexxx-ah mixes! If any of our other DJs feel the need to add their own sex mix to our collection, let us know! DJ SCIENCE!, send us your mix!

Coming up at DDPP:
June 28: DJ Debutante
July 5: No classes! Enjoy your day-after-the-4th-of-July!

July 12: DJ Groove
July 19: Open! Want to DJ?



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