X-plosion and SCIENCE!’s theme-tastic mixes!

Two of our favorite DJs brought us some fantastic theme mixes – DJ X-plosion and her Vacation mix and DJ SCIENCE!’s whistling mix!

DJ X-plosion was originally going to craft an “I Hate My Job” mix (inspired by real life), but instead she kicked that shitty job to the curb and took off on an epic road trip, crossing the country and visiting states far and wide.  So she brought us a Vacation mix instead!


Thank you, DJ X-plosion for your Vacation mix! Send us a copy and we’ll add it here. Until then, have a great road trip and we’ll see you when you get back!


DJ SCIENCE! returned to us from the clutches of grad school (damn you, Thursday night classes!) and brought us another one of her great theme mixes.

I don’t know if DJ SCIENCE! knows it, but I love me some Ace of Base. Brings me back to middle school and making a mix tape ENTIRELY of Ace of Base’s The Sign. It was a classic tape that my dad promptly threw out the car window.


Missed this great mix? Listen to the Whistling Mix on Spotify! And DJ SCIENCE!’s mix:


Thank you, DJ SCIENCE! for your whistling mix! And thank you DJ X-Plosion for your Vacation mix! I swear, the creativity of our DJS knocks my socks off.


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