Theft of the Dial, den mother-style

We had back to back Den Mother DJing these past two weeks!

ImageStraight from our DJ booths to yours! First up was DJ G Funk, bringing us a grab bag of songs, all designed to get your feet moving. If you’re like me, sometimes you’re just sitting around and thinking, “Whitney is right. How WILL I know that he’s thinking of me?”

The late great Ms. Houston is undoubtedly wise. And to prove it, we’re all going to get giant floppy silver bows and turtleneck unitards and have a DDPP Whitney party. YES, YOU ARE INVITED.

DJ G Funk’s mix:

ImageThanks, DJ G Funk for dazzling us yet again! If you missed it, you can listen to G Funk’s mix on Spotify.

DJ G Funk is a hard act to follow, but someone has to do it. DJ Lux followed up with a mix designed to help anyone come back a nagging hip/knee injury (damn you, wobbly knees!).


With Shakira’s help, we’re all going to be at top notch health, shaking our hips and knees like nobody’s business. And blowing fire too, of course.

DJ Lux’s mix:

ImageListen to DJ Lux’s mix, if you missed it!

Thank you, den mothers! And thank you to all our dancers who came out to join us! Next Thursday DJ Xplosion and her I Hate My Job mix rocks our socks off – see you then!

Coming up at DDPP:
May 3: DJ Xplosion and the I Hate My Job mix
May 10: DJ Groove
May 17: DJ Roomba and the birthday mix


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