The March Madness that never ends…

DJ Low-Fi brought us a Science Fiction mix to close out March Madness, and man, it was amazing. It was like Low-Fi knew all my secret outer space dreams and brought them to life at DDPP. How did she know that I’ve always thought that I’d be great on Mystery Science Theater 3000? (Trust me, I make some really awesome comments during movies).

There was a moment during Low-Fi’s mix when everyone got into a techno trance – you know what I’m talking about, where everyone just get in The Zone when your eyes glaze over and your body takes control and you just dance like hell… Yeah, you know what I mean. THAT TOTALLY HAPPENED. It was rad.

Thank you to DJ Low-Fi for the awesome Science Fiction mix! I said it before but I mean it: the creativity of our DJs and the theme mixes in the past few months have been off the charts awesome. Check it out here on Spotify! And thank you to our ladies who came out to dance; you are all out of this world! Special shout out to DJ Hotdish, who visited us all the way from Chicago (and showed off their flashy Frequent Dancer Cards. We’re totally copying them).

DJ Low-Fi’s Mix:
1. MST3K Love Theme
2. The Rezillos – Flying Saucer Attack
3. Gary Numan – Metal
4. The Cramps – Human Fly
5. The Dukes of Stratosphear – Bike Ride to the Moon
6. Radiohead – Bodysnatchers
7. XTC – Science Friction
8. Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer
9. Devo – Space Junk
10. The B-52’s – Trism
11. Kraftwerk – Computer World
12. Kate Bush – Experiment IV
13. The Buzzcocks – E. S. P.
14. Neil Young – Sample and Hold
15. Warp 9 – Light Years Away
16. The Ventures – Out of Limits
17. Zolar-X – Jet Star 19
18. The Pipettes – Our Love Was Saved by Spacemen
19. The Space Cadets – Astrobilly Rockin’
20. Komputer – International Space Station
21. Janelle Monae – Cold War
22. The Meteors – I’m Invisible, Man
23. Husker Du – Books About UFOs
24. Telstar – The Ventures
25. The Jam – An A-Bomb in Wardour Street
26. Richard O’Brien – Science Fiction, Double Feature

We thought March Madness was over. Oh, but no. DJ Roomba themed it up with her Ladies and Gentlemen mix, having missed all of March Madness due to a broken leg. We’re glad you back and not hobbling anymore, lady! Especially when you bring us fantastic mixes like this one.

All of the songs have a gender indicator in the title – woman, girl, man, boy (man-boy?), including my favorite song from the 7th grade:

Who DIDN’T want to be Gwen Stefani in 1997?

Thank you DJ Roomba for a mix that required bone growth! If you want to listen, check out the Ladies and Gentlemen mix on Spotify. Coming up next, we have back to back Den Mothers rocking out the DJ booth. Join us for some Den Mother DJing, first with DJ G Funk!

Coming up:
April 19 – DJ G Funk, with TBD theme mix
April 26 – DJ Lux
May 3 – Open

DJ Roomba’s mix:


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