March Madness, DJ Groove and DJ SCIENCE! style

I am continually impressed with our DJs. I swear, the creative theme mixes we’ve had for March Madness (or even this past year) blow me away. A Trains, Planes, Automobile mix? A mix all about telephones? AMAZED. Gold stars all around!

DJ Groove whisked us off on a magical journey with her Planes, Trains and Automobiles mix last week. Some of the transportation methods were a bit unconventional, but we’ll take it.

Who WOULDN’T want to go on a magic carpet ride? Maybe people afraid of heights. Or carpets. But that’s about it, I think. And if you’re afraid of carpets, DJ Groove’s got your back – you could take a bus, car, bike, the last train to awesometown (5 different kinds of nachos, I hear).


Thank you, DJ Groove, for your Planes, Trains and Automobiles mix! We will gladly road trip with you any day. If you missed her mix, catch it here on Spotify and dance it out all week between DDPPs!

This week, DJ SCIENCE! took a break from the books and joined us for her spring break – we’re so flattered you wanted to spend your spring break DJing with us! Can we go to Mexico with you too? This lovely lady had a mix entirely devoted to Alexander Graham Bell’s fabulous invention – the telephone! Do you think when he invented the telephone, he thought, “Yes. If I invent this, one day Lady Gaga can have a hit song entirely based on it.”? I think so.

This little guy kicked it off for us:


I also may have danced like these badgers during this song:


Also, let me just put this out there for the world to know: There are few things that can get a roomful of ladies to turn it up to 11 like a key change in a Backstreet Boys song. I dare you to find something better than that.

Thank you, DJ SCIENCE! for the spectacular mix! An inspired mix if I ever saw one. And thank you to all our ladies who came out to dance – we’re glad you danced with us! Next week is another totally rad theme mix brought to us by longtime favorite DJ Low-Fi… science fiction! One of your den mothers may have written “AWESOME!!!!” after hearing DJ Low-Fi’s theme. Four exclamation points, ladies.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go waste my entire day watching old Simpsons episodes.

Coming up at DDPP:
March 29: DJ Low-Fi with her science fiction theme
April 5: The return of DJ Roomba and her broken leg
April 12: Open! It could be you!

DJ Groove’s Plane, Trains and Automobiles mix:

DJ SCIENCE!’s Phone mix:


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