It’s not you. It’s us.

Another awesome week of March Madness brought us DJ Jazzy Jenn’s BREAK UP MIX. If I was dating Jazzy Jenn and she broke it off with me, she could just give me this mix and man, I’d get the message.

We had a SLAMMIN’ bunch of ladies on Thursday – newbies, oldbies, regulars, some people we hadn’t seen for awhile… Let’s just say the energy in the room was perfect for DDPP. I could tell some of us had been the heartbreakers and some the heartbroken, but we’re all a little stronger, ala Britney and Kelly, all survivors, thanks to Jazzy Jenn.

You want to know what I’m breaking up with? My IT band.

That nice band right there, when irritated, makes it painful to do things like walk down stairs, run, oh yeah, and DANCE. So this dancer went home early, cursing the world for missing out on the end of Jazzy Jenn’s mix. How could I catch up on the end of the Break Up mix?

Thanks to the magic of Spotify, now EVERYONE can listen to the Break Up mix. Yes, DDPP Twin Cities now has a Spotify account and you can subscribe to our mixes to hear the latest mix from our awesome DJs. Come listen and subscribe to the Break Up mix!

Thank you to all our wonderful dancers and welcome to our new ladies! We hope to see you again soon! DJ Jazzy Jenn – fantastic as always.

Next week DJ Groove brings us her Planes, Trains and Automobiles mix. I personally hope Steve Martin will join us to dance… we can make an exception to the no boys rule for Steve Martin, right?

A DDPPer at heart.

Coming up at DPPP:
March 15: DJ Groove with Planes, Trains and Automobiles
March 22: DJ SCIENCE!
March 29: DJ Low-Fi
April 5: Open! Could it be you?

DJ Jazzy Jenn’s mix:


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