A backlog of mixes!

This is what it feels like today:

I have been sitting on a couple of weeks of mixes, being lazy about posting them. Well, here they all are! Now you get to enjoy a month’s worth of DDPP mixes, all in one go.

First, we were going to welcome DJ Jazzy Jenn back to the DJ booth, but the flu struck. And let me tell you, that is never pretty. So we reached into the archives and pulled out this backup mix to pass the time until Jazzy Jenn was at 100% health:

1. Volna – DJ Smash & Fast Food
2. Blame It – Jamie Foxx featuring T. Pain
3. Sugar – Flo Rida
4. I’m on a Boat – Lonely Island featuring T. Pain
5. Chocolate – Kylie Minogue
6. Whooty – E-Dubb
7. Heavy Cross – Gossip
8. Temperature – Sean Paul
9. Fire Burning – Sean Kingston
10. Dip It Low – Christina Milian
11. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) – Pitbull
12. Knock You Down – Keri Hilson
13. Always Something – I Hate Kate
14. Beggin’ – Madcon
15. The Boy Does Nothing – Alesha Dixon
16. Paranoid – Jonas Brothers
17. Birthday Sex – Jeremih
18. Miss You – Notorious B.I.G.

Jazzy Jenn joined us the week after to wow us with her technological saavy. Yes, this lady played her mix from Spotify (and the whole crowd said, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”). DDPP of the future, folks. And wow us she did with a nearly all woman mix, finishing up with a favorite of mine lately:


So true. Thank you, Jazzy Jenn – it was worth the wait!

Then DJ G Funk brought us HER Spotify mix, including Beyonce. TWICE. Note to future DJS: You can never go wrong with Beyonce. Even twice. I was personally stoked that G Funk played this Colbie Caillat song, since my mom is going to play it at her wedding this summer. I’m in the clapping section, as I have no musical talent except basic rhythm.


DJ G Funk, wonderful as always!

Finally, DJ Lux played a Jukebox mix, in absentia. Fabulous galas kept this DJ away (oooooh!) since she was working (aw.) Since Den Mother G Funk DJed the week before, DJ Lux stepped in ala CD to provide the night’s music. Here’s how it worked: Lux put EVERY song she’s ever played at DDPP into one mix, randomized it, and took the first 80 minutes of music and burned it to a CD. Thus, the Jukebox mix was born.

And what did Jukebox mix come up with for us? Warning: It’s been jukeboxed since then, so the songs are not in order. Oops.

Thank you to all our backlogged DJs!


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