What’s hot, DJ Roomba?

What IS hot, DJ Roomba? She sucked us all in with her debut mix, which included a heavy dose of local love for The Replacements, Sims and Dessa. It was a slammin’ debut, filled with great classics (we’ve never played Get Rhythm by Johnny Cash before – who ARE we?!) and the latest and greatest (I’m looking at you, Beyonce. Countdown is my new fav [although she filmed the video while pregnant and now she’s a new mom; it’s clearly so last week]).


I gotta say, I love the Black Eyed Peas, but them on a continuous loop? Fate worse than death. Sorry, Will.i.am.

DJ Roomba’s debut mix:

After DJ Roomba, we welcomed back DJ Lux to the turntables. As a den mother, we make sure there are no holes in the DJ schedule and fill in as needed, but thanks to the back-to-back DJs, we haven’t had a DJ Lux mix since the Rocktober mix. Forever! You would think that would give plenty of time to make a mix, but of course, it was finished at the last minute on Thursday.

Looking back at the songs, it’s clear what my subconscious was thinking of when putting together the mix: Sex and money, baby. Any Which Way, Milkshake, Sex and Candy, Money and I Need a Dollar? And those are the most blatant examples. I bet Common and the Beatles feel awesome to be in such good company as the surprisingly lucrative Lou Bega and not-so-subtle Kelis.

DJ Lux’s mix:

Thank you DJ Roomba and DJ Lux for your fantastic mixes! And thank you to all of our dancers for making them extra awesome – I always love when someone hears a favorite song and really rocks out. TONIGHT! DJ Jazzy Jenn returns and turns the technology up to 11 – come dance to her mix! Between Roomba and Lux, 5 songs from Jazzy Jenn’s mix were played in the last two weeks, so let’s see what she comes up with – I say play them again, since clearly they’re favorites.

Coming up at DDPP:
1/26 (TONIGHT!): DJ Jazzy Jenn
2/2: DJ G Funk
2/9: Open – could be you!

Don’t forget about March Madness coming up too – let us know if you have a theme mix and would like to DJ during March!


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