Back to the basics with DJ Common Era

O. M. G.

Due to technical difficulties, we sadly missed DJ Common Era’s first attempt to debut as a DJ and spin this spelling mix. Well, ladies, this week’s DDPP was R-O-C-K-I-N-G.

Emeritus den mother DJ Reaction once said that she felt all the blog posts she wrote started out “I was tired and wasn’t feeling the DDPP thing, but then I went and left feeling awesome!” That was me this week. Running late, a bit of a headache, and I kinda wanted to make a blanket fort and finish The Hunger Games (at the recommendation of quite a few DDPPers). But let me tell you, I could have left DDPP in a hot air balloon powered by my own good vibrations.

DJ Common Era gave us a bit of schooling in the ways of the world. Things we learned how to spell this week at DDPP:

(Fergie is either a really awesome speller or needs the extra help with spelling so puts it in every song).

Thank you, DJ Common Era, for the fantastic mix… it was worth the wait! And thank you to all our ladies who made it out, new faces and some old ones we hadn’t seen in awhile. Coming up next week is DJ Roomba, with her debut mix! YES.

Coming up:
1/8: DJ Roomba
1/15: DJ Lux
1/22: DJ Jazzy Jenn returns!
1/29: open! DJ with us!

DJ Common Era’s mix:

1.    Respect, Aretha Franklin
2.    Saturday Night, Bad City Rollers
3.    Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stefani
4.    ROCK in the USA, John Mellencamp
5.    LOVE, Ashlee Simpson
6.    Calling, Aqua
7.    Fergalicious, Fergie
8.    Word Up, Cameo
9.    Damaged, Dannity Kane
10.  Solo, Iyaz
11.  DANCE, Justice
12.  Money Honey, Lady Gaga
13.  DISCO, Ottawan
14.  SOS, Rhianna
15.  Damn You Look Good and I’m Drunk, Cobra Starship
16.  Glamorous, Fergie
17.  My Console, Eiffel 65
18.  Holla Back, Fabolous
19.  YMCA, Village People
20.  Pump It, Black Eyed Peas
21.  (Cool down) EMPTY, The Clientele


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