DJ Rashes’ trip down memory lane!

This week DJ Rashes reached back into her past to bring us a fine, fine, fine mix. Ok, so I googled “rashes” to find an appropriate picture to put here… but let me warn against that. It’s no good. So here’s a picture of a happy puppy and NOT grossness.

Looking at the track list, I’m bummed I missed Rashes’ mix on Thursday. Not only was there Bon Jovi, Neal Diamond and plenty of ska, Rashes played my favorite Spice Girls song (because, yes, I am the type of person that has a favorite Spice Girls song):

Thank you DJ Rashes for another awesome mix! And thank you to all the ladies who made it out to help Rashes warm us up on a cold winter night. Next week, Debutante returns to give us the last DDPP Twin Cities mix of 2011 so don’t miss out!

Coming up at DDPP Twin Cities:
12/22: DJ Debutante

12/29: Off! Happy New Year!
1/5: DJ Common Era’s ABC mix
1/12: Debut of DJ Roomba
1/19: DJ Lux
1/26: Open! We want YOU to DJ!

DJ Rashes’ mix:


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