She blinded us with DJ SCIENCE!

First it was the boy bands.

Then it was d’autre langues. Los demás idiomas. W innych językach.

Either way, we were blinded by DJ SCIENCE!

Yes, an entire mix in non-english languages. We had French. We had Spanish. We had Polish.I may or may not have felt the urge to break out in one of these:


Alas, not this time. But you bet your ass I went home and did some lunges to get my quads in shape for the next time DJ SCIENCE! busts out the Polish.

Thank all you lovely ladies who made it out for some foreign lovin’ and huge thanks to DJ SCIENCE! for her tantalizing mix.

This upcoming Thursday, DJ Rashes gets back in the DJ booth to spin us a new mix! Word has it she’s pulled out the old high school cds, which always means a nice throwback to a simpler time (although is that true? Was it simpler? Did anyone really like high school?).  Join us on Thursday to find out what DJ Rashes has in store!

Coming up at DDPP Twin Cities:
12/15: DJ Rashes
12/22: DJ Debutante
12/29: Off! Happy New Year!
1/5: DJ Common Era’s ABC mix
1/12: Debut of DJ Roomba
1/19: DJ Lux
1/26: Open! Could it be you?

DJ SCIENCE!, send us your mix!


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