Chicago Lovin’ circa 2007 CE

We were all set to join our newest DJ, DJ Common Era, to get back to the basics and practice our spelling skills with a never-before-seen mix – all songs with spelling in them.

Our stereo had other plans, however. The CD would. not. work. NOOOOO!

It’s always sad when technical difficulties threaten our dancing, especially for a DJ’s first mix. However, we went to our trusty backup mixes and DJ Common Era pulled one from the archives – DDPP Chicago’s 2007 Mix of Love.

It was awesome, as Chicago mixes usually are. Their reputation as mix-master deluxe was confirmed by the Twin Cities ladies last night. When this song came on as a cool down, it was one of those “Only Chicago…” moments.

In the meantime, DJ Common Era got back on the calendar to debut her spellmaster mix, coming to us on January 5. In the meantime, we’re still BCE – Before Common Era. So practice up!


Next week DJ SCIENCE! brings us a new mix, hot off the turntables and straight to the dance floor. She promised it would have something, a je ne sais quoi quality about it that we’ll just have to show up for see. See you next Thursday for DJ SCIENCE!

The calendar:
December 8: DJ SCIENCE!
December 15: DJ Rashes
December 22: DJ Debutante
December 29: Off! Happy New Year!
January 5: DJ Common Era’s re-debut
January 12: Debut of DJ Roomba.

And the DDPP Chicago 2007 Mix of Love:


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