Getting electric with DJ Groove

As usual, DJ Groove shocked and electrified us with her latest mix. Can you guess the theme?

Eclectic Electric Variety! Groove shocked us with some high voltage, did the electric slide, took us to outer space in our rockets, played a bit on our radios (including taking me back in time to a memory of being a freshman in high school, listening to Everclear while riding home from play practice with the coolest senior boy… oh the days of unrequited love), and yes, we did the polka.

On top of the polka, Groove played a song that has one of my most favorite videos in the whole entire world. It makes my Top 5 Videos list every time and here’s why:

If you didn’t, go back and watch the whole thing. I’ll wait.

Did you watch? SO BIZARRE. If we ever do a music video night again, there’s a good chance this might make the cut. I shared the video with a fellow DDPPer and she laughed so hard, she had the hiccups for 45 minutes. Seriously, ladies. Also, this is awesome. On Wisconsin!

Thanks DJ Groove for the electrifying mix and thanks to our dancers for joining us! We are off next week for Thanksgiving, but we’ll be back on December 1 for our newest DJ debut! Come dance off your turkey-coma with us!

Our plans to rock out the rest of 2011:
November 24: Thanksgiving – go eat turkey.
December 1: New DJ debut!
December 8: DJ SCIENCE!
December 15: DJ Rashes
December 22: DJ Debutante
December 29: OFF! Go celebrate the New Year in style.

And DJ Groove’s Eclectic Electric Variety mix:


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