Happy 3rd Birthday to DDPP!

Happy birthday to us!

We had an awesome 3rd anniversary celebration, and let me say, on top of the general radness of the evening, I’ve never seen roomful of ladies rock out to MmmBop quite like you ladies did. Truly awesome. Hanson would be proud.


We celebrated with treats, goody bags, prizes and some mix CD-sharing, along with giving a copy of our 3rd Birthday mix to all of our lovely ladies (PS: If you didn’t get a copy but would like one, please let us know! PPS: Some of Judie’s mixes she picked out accidentally went home with a different dancer – if you found some surprise mixes when you got home, could you bring them back so we can share with Judie? If you listened and became attached to a mix, we’ll make a copy for you!)

Thanks to all our dancers, new and returning, that made our 3rd Birthday so dance-tastic! And thanks to all our DJs throughout the year that kept our feet dancing on Thursdays: DJ Low-Fi, DJ Groove, DJ Reaction, DJ Lux, DJ G Funk, DJ Rashes, DJ Noopy-G, DJ Footnote Girl, DJ Hamsterdance (DJ Mad Max), DJ Jazzy Jenn, DJ Buzz, DJ Debutante, DJ Bouncy Squirrel, DJ BKillin’It, DJ SCIENCE! and DJ Xplosion (so new she didn’t make this year’s mix – next year!)

Special shout out to our Den-mother Emeritus DJ Reaction – we wouldn’t be here without you and miss your fly moves every week! Here’s a secret birthday present for you:

(Seriously. I googled “secret birthday present” and found 10 pictures of these two barbies. I have no idea what it’s about… but those barbies look like prime DDPP dancers, assuming they ever become real people. Moral of the story: The internet is weird. And we miss Reaction.)

This week, DJ Groove serenades us with her latest and greatest mix. Always a good time with DJ Groove, that’s what they say. So dance with us! Also, we are starting a new benefit for DJing: DJs dance free! So if you DJ, your dance is on us – just one way to say thank you!

Coming up:
November 17: DJ Groove
November 24: Thanksgiving – no dancing. Just turkey.
December 1: New DJ debut – Name TBD.
December 8: 0pen!
December 15: open!

And the birthday mix:


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