Halloween blast with DJ Xplosion

We had ANOTHER new DJ debut this week and let me tell you, it was a BLAST.

DJ Xplosion made us shiver in our space boots, bringing us a Halloween mix that covered all the spooky bases.

There were wolves:

(Little den mother trivia for you: In middle school I thought the guy in the hat was super hot and gave me an irrational love for this song. Now? Not so much. Well, still love the song.)



Sidenote: LOOK at Dan Akroyd. So much attitude. I feel like he could be posing at the end of a runway. I love it.

General freaky stuff:

After DJ Xplosion’s mix, I would definitely go into a haunted house with any of our dancers – I know you’ve got the mettle to come out unscathed.

Did you figure out the answer to this week’s trivia question? The most played artist in DDPP-Twin Cities’ 3 year history is… Drumroll, please…

Britney Spears! We’re clearly Brit-Brit lovers here at DDPP-TC. My personal guess was the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, but Britney handily beat him, 36 plays to 29.

Thank you to DJ Xplosion for a wonderful Halloween mix and thank you to all our dancers, especially our two newest ladies – I hope you had fun!

Next week is our 3rd Anniversay, so come out to dance, win some prizes, get a goody bag and celebrate 3 years of DDPP!

Coming up on the calendar:
November 10: DDPP’s 3rd Anniversary!

November 17: DJ Groove
November 24: No DDPP – Thanksgiving
December 1: New DJ!

DJ Xplosion – send us your mix!


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