Boys and Men with DJ SCIENCE! and G Funk

After our diva mix, DJ SCIENCE! gave us the antithesis of divas – BOY BANDS. Well, I guess some of the gentlemen in boy bands could be considered divas… but that’s another story.

In an unforgettable debut, DJ SCIENCE! did some time travel magic with her Boy Band mix, bringing me back to my middle school bedroom.

(Ok, so that’s not actually MY bedroom, but it exists in the world. Friends, do not underestimate the power of a pretty face, even if it is a boy band face.)

Speaking of Mr. Donnie Wahlberg, guess what he and Marky Marky named their new restaurant?


DJ SCIENCE!, thank you for the trip down memory lane with your Boy Band mix. I may or may not have sang along several times… but I’ll never tell.

DJ SCIENCE! started off with boy bands and DJ G Funk brought us full circle with her dude-heavy Rolling Stone Top 20 Artists mix.

We asked you how many women were in the top 20 of Rolling Stone Top Artists of All-Time list; sadly, only one lady made list. ONE. Rolling Stone, you’ve disappointed. Aretha, thanks for reppin’ us women and coming in at #16. Rolling Stone must not have seen your inauguration hat. (Madonna pulled in next at #36. 36? Bah humbug.)

Not surprisingly, G Funk filled the mix with classics, including a band I frequently forget exists:

I don’t know why I always forget about the Beach Boys, I just do. Oops. Maybe if the Beach Boys wore Aretha’s inauguration hat, I’d remember them more.

DJ G Funk, thanks for bringing us the Top 20 Artist mix and reminding us why we always need a little diva in our lives, if only to offset the massive onslaught of Top 20 lists like Rolling Stones’.

TONIGHT! We have another DJ debut so come dance with us – 6:30 at Old Arizona! Our trivia question for tonight: Who is the most played artist in DDPP_TC history?

Don’t forget next week is our …. 3rd Anniversary! Come dance to our DJ-sourced mix, win some prizes, and take home a goody bag with treats. Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook so we know how many treat bags to make!

DJ SCIENCE!’s Boy Band mix:

1. Same Old Brand New You — A1
2. The Hardest Part of Breaking Up — 2Gether
3. Bye Bye Bye — N’Sync
4. Year 3000 — Busted
5. The Right Stuff — NKOTB
6. Ancient History — Natural
7. Get Down (You’re the One for Me) — Backstreet Boys
8. Step by Step — Midnight Red (cover of NKOTB)
9. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) — Backstreet Boys
10. Here We Go — N’Sync
11. Every Six Seconds — O-Town
12. Don’t Turn Out the Lights Now — NKOTBSB
13. Larger Than Life — Backstreet Boys
14. From Left to Right — Natural
15. I Need Love — N’Sync
16. Take On Me — A1 (cover of A-Ha)
17. Will It Ever — Natural
18. When You’re Looking Like That — Westlife
19. MmmBop — Hanson
20. It’s Gotta Be You — Backstreet Boys
21. Shape of My Heart — Backstreet Boys
DJ G Funk’s Top 20 Artists mix:

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