A Staggering Mix of Heartbreaking Divas


DJ G Funk invited not one, not two, but 20 capital-D Divas to Dance Dance Party Party this week – XX chromosomes FTW!

Our Divas are first-name only, since we’re on such good terms:

Beyonce, who may be the only person in the world who can sing and dance to her latest hit, then announce she’s pregnant by simply rubbing her stomach.

Madonna, one of our favorites just because of A League of Their Own.

Whitney. A little den-mother trivia for you, this was my first cd EVER.

Aretha, in a hat that can upstage any newly inaugurated President.

And Etta, who was played by one Beyonce in Cadillac Records – we have come full-diva-circle, folks.

Could there be any future divas out there, rocking out to our current divas?

Oh, yes. Sing it, Sophia Grace! And you know who is not on our Diva list but should be?


There’s your diva feel-good moment for the week.

Thanks DJ G Funk for bringing the divas to grace our presence, and ladies, thank you for coming out and dancing with us!

This week, we have a long-lost DJ, returning and bringing us a Boy Band mix. If there’s one thing that could top a Diva mix, it may just be a Boy Band mix. Yes, I was in middle school during the NSYNC/BSB years – what about it? No lie, crossing my fingers for a little LFO and maybe even some 2gether? (yes, it’s cheesy. I love it. Don’t hate.) See you there!

Also starting next week and leading up to our 3rd Anniversay (November 10!), everyone who attends DDPP gets entered into a drawing for a super-awesome-amazing-dancilicious prize! Later this week, we’ll post more details about our 3rd Anniversary, the awesome prizes and how you can enter to win.

DJs for the next few weeks:
Oct 20 – Anna with the Boy Band mix!
Oct 27 – open!
Nov 3 – open!
Nov 10 – 3rd Anniversary!!

And DJ G Funk’s mix:


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