Gotta Have More Soul and ROCKTOBER

Ladies, you have been on FIRE lately. Not only have we had badass mixes from DJ Groove and DJ Lux, we had to turn on the AC just to keep the room from going up in flames. IN OCTOBER.

Ok, you got me. It may have more do to with our unseasonably warm fall, but honestly, ya’ll made me sweat. (Yes, sometimes I throw down a ya’ll. What about it?)

DJ Groove serenaded us with another awesome mix, blending the funk, her usual throwback to Bollywood, and some hidden gems straight from the Groove turntables.

I’m totally with these guys:

Although DDPP Twin Cities usually doesn’t have ANY problem bringing the soul.

And DJ Groove’s mix:

Last week, DJ Lux made us some acorn squash, chili, maybe a pumpkin pie with a ROCKTOBER mix to rock all Octobers:

Ok, maybe a bit more like this Roctober:

What started as an amusing way to create a playlist turned into a mix monster, taking on a life of its own and morphing into… ROCKTOBER. With an amazing 19(!) songs that all contain the word “rock,” DDPP-TC turned into our very own quarry on Nicollet, bringing the rock and not letting it die. We had AC/DC, Joan Jett, Elvis, JT, Elton and MJ – all literal and metaphorical rock stars.

And Lux’s ROCKTOBER mix:

Coming up at DDPP Twin Cities, we have some SUPER exciting plans for the upcoming months, including our 3rd Anniversary on November 10! Be there or, in the words of Biff Tanner, make like a tree and get outta here. Look for more info soon!

We have also made the switch from a Facebook group to a Facebook Page! Like us at our new Facebook Page to keep getting all the DDPP news and playlists:

Next week, DJ G Funk will be up in the booth, playing the soundtrack to our dancing lives and getting the feet a’moving. See you 6:30, Thursday at Old Arizona!



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