Dance Party Request Live

Last week, we broke one of the major DDPP rules – no boys.

Yes, Carson Daly joined us and rocked the house with TOTAL REQUEST LIVE mix! Last week, Den Mother DJ G Funk sent out a call – request those songs!

We ended up with a little bit of everything, including this gem, requested by DJ Debutante:

And fresh off her visit, this from DJ Reaction:

Which promptly got stuck in DJ G Funk’s head and now will probably be stuck in mine.

All in all, a fantastic week, crowd-sourced by all of you wonderful dancers out there. I may have even danced myself dizzy, thanks Twist and Shout.

If you noticed that Old Arizona was decked out in its finest last week, you’ll know Old Arizona was holding a fundraiser for their Petal Pushers program, which provides employment, leadership and personal skills to local teen girls. Sounds awesome, right? Help them out with their fundraising to get Petal Pushers off the group by donating (since I don’t want you to choose between DDPP or Petal Pushers – you can do both!).

Up this week, we have DJ Groove and one of her fantastic mixes, so we’ll see you at Old Arizona at 6:30!

And the mix:


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