Thematically speaking, from DJs Hamsterdance, Lux and Debutante

The DDPP Twin Cities dancers have been super lucky as of late – we’ve had 3 weeks of awesome, theme mixes from some of our finest DJs!

First up: DJ Hamsterdance‘s Rough Edges mix!

Hamsterdance was going for something a little harder than what we usually hear at DDPP, but all I know is there were several songs I thought to myself, “Daaamn! Good song! … Why didn’t I think of that?” Can we say Marilyn Mason?

He’s our favorite scary dude secret romantic.

We were lucky enough to be joined mid-dance by none other than Mama Lux, who drove all the way from Wisconsin to catch a notorious Hamsterdance mix and a DDPP transplant from our Providence, Rhode Island chapter – welcome ladies! Thankfully, none of the dancers sustained bruises from the Rough Edges mix and we’re eager to see what Hamsterdance throws at us next!

DJ Hamsterdance’s mix:

Next: DJ Lux and the Doing Time mix (also known as Jailbait or Musicians Most Wanted mix)

DJ Lux returned to the DJ Booth with a mix inspired by none other than R. Kelly, our least favorite musician-turned-criminal. After wanting to play some R. Kelly while recognizing that he’s a just a tad bit of a scumbag (that’s what child porn charges and an underage sex tape will do to your reputation, folks), the idea for the Doing Time mix was born – all musicians who have spent time in jail or been found guilty of in a court of law.

Some of them are obvious (Lil’ Wayne, T.I., Tupac, Chris Brown), some of them less so (Billie Holiday – prostitution, Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary – sexual improprieties with a 14 year old, later pardoned by Jimmy Carter), some of them truly terrifying (hello, Rick James, kidnapping and torture). All of them – found guilty of dance-ability in the court of DDPP.

We were also joined by our largest age range – we had an octogenarian rockin’ it alongside a 4 year old. Who knew criminals could bring such a range of ladies together?!

Finally: DJ Debutante‘s Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls mix! As always, Debutante got the whole place a’shakin’! There may have been a bit more mirror-staring than usual, since at DDPP, we’re all pretty girls and we know it.

Debutante played one of my favorite songs, which fit in nicely with the theme:

Both of your den mothers were down for the count and in a non-danceable shape, so thanks to Debutante and DJ Groove for filling in and cleaning up the place! And big props to our new ladies, especially Celine, who joined us from Switzerland! Celine scoped out DDPP Twin Cities before coming for her trip and perhaps became our first international dancer!

And the mix:

Thanks to everyone who danced to our theme mixes and thanks to our DJs for putting them together!


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