The Return of DJ Reaction!

A blast from our not-so-distant past!

This past Thursday, DDPP Twin Cities was graced with the presence of our Emeritus Den-Mother, DJ Reaction, who moved to DC at the beginning of the summer. DJ Reaction skipped out on a weekend in Vegas to join us for some dancing. Seriously. That’s how much this lady loves all you DDPPers out there.

DJ Reaction brought it back full circle, playing her first ever mix at DDPP Twin Cities. Some of our frequent dancers may remember this story, but at the first DDPP Twin Cities, there was some technical difficulties of epic proportions, threatening to rain on the DDPP parade before it even started.

This week, we shook off those demons and had some glitch-free dancing.

There was some joyous celebration in the house, recognizing the 4 year (!) anniversary of two of our dancers, DJs Hamsterdance and DJ Bouncy Squirrel – can you tell they were meant to be together? Congrats ladies!

We have an open DJ schedule for the first weeks of fall, so if you’re itching to DJ, let us know! Otherwise, see you next Thursday at 6:30!

DJ Reaction’s mix:


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