It’s a family affair with DJ BKillin’It

After some major technical difficulties last week, your den mothers arrived early on Thursday to make sure we were in dancing order for the debut of our newest DJ, DJ BKillin’It. Thankfully, all the wires checked out, the dance stars aligned and DJ BKillin’It kicked off her mix without a hitch!

Based on Thursday, BKillin’It has a bright future here with DDPP, pulling out some of music’s greatest trios for her Sweatfest 2011 mix:

Ok, Tears for Fears isn’t a trio, but they’ve got enough soul that they could be a trio.

Not only did BKillin’It serenade us with the Brothers Gibb, but she followed suit and brought Momma BKillin’It to dance with us! If there’s one thing I love about DDPP, it’s how often a dancer will bring her mom, partner, sister (and sister), daughter, auntie, grandma – any important lady in her life to come get her groove on.

Not only did DJ BKillin’It keep it in the family this week, we had some dancers come out to celebrate a birthday with Dance Dance Party Party – and THEY were sisters! Here’s our family connections this week:

  • DJ BKillin’It and Momma BKillin’It
  • Birthday sisters
  • One of our frequent dancers comes because her daughter skated with our illustrious emeritus den-mother DJ Reaction

Holy family tree, Batman!

Congrats on your smashing debut, DJ BKillin’It! And nice dancing this week, ladies new and old alike – I saw some seriously joyful dancers this week.

Next week we have DJ Hamsterdance… we’ll be restocking the first aid kit in case of cuts or bruises from her Rough Edges mix.  And no joke, my mom might come next week – cross your fingers for more family dancing!  Don’t miss out!

Our upcoming schedule:
8/25 – DJ Hamsterdance with the Rough Edges mix
9/1 – DJ Lux with a Doing Time mix – all from musicians who have spent time behind bars
9/8 – open!
9/15 – open!

DJ BKillin’It’s mix:


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