The science of dance

There are a few certainties when it comes to Dance Dance Party Party Twin Cities:

and finally…

DJ Groove, a veteran dancer and veteran mix-ologist, knows how to bring the fun and exactly what you need: high energy songs to get your heart racing, some recovery songs to keep you from exploding, a good build-up into the finale and a last fast song with a killer beat to close out the mix.

Knowing the awesomeness of a Groove mix made it that much sadder for this den mother to miss last week! I started a new job and tromped all over my new building in high heels, meaning my legs were showing me all kinds of new places they could hurt. Ladies, a word of advice: if you are going to be hiking all over and taking on lots of flights of stairs, stick to the flats.

These ladies are craaaaazy.

Without knowing it, DJ Groove helped us figure out what type of personality we have… true! Apparently, people with similar personality types dance in similar ways:

Using personality tests, the researchers assessed volunteeers into one of five “types”. They then observed how each members of each group danced to different kinds of music. They found that:

  • Extroverts moved their bodies around most on the dance floor, often with energetic and exaggerated movements of their head and arms.
  • Neurotic individuals danced with sharp, jerky movements of their hands and feet – a style that might be recognised by clubbers and wedding guests as the “shuffle”.
  • Agreeable personalities tended to have smoother dancing styles, making use of the dance floor by moving side to side while swinging their hands.
  • Open-minded people tended to make rhythmic up-and-down movements, and did not move around as much as most of the others
  • People who were conscientious or dutiful moved around the dance floor a lot, and also moved their hands over larger distances than other dancers.

DDPPers, what do you think? Does it fit your dance style and your personality? Or do you break the mold and it’s not quite as easy to categorize, either personality-wise or for your dance moves?

Or what about these dance moves – any of them used by our DDPP ladies? Let’s just say the Appreciative Nod sounds a little too close for comfort…

Anyway, let’s see if those British scientists want to come study some Minnesotan dancers. I think we’d be a fine case study!

Coming up this week is a BRAND NEW DJ! I’m excited to see what our newest lady and newest DJ brings to the speakers … what will her mix reveal about her personality?!? See you Thursday at 6:30!

8/18: New DJ!
8/25: DJ Hamsterdance!
9/1: DJ Lux with a Musician’s Most Wanted mix (all artists with jail time/a criminal record)!
9/8: open!

DJ Groove’s Go Go Girl mix:


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