30 and flirty with DJ G Funk!

It was a mix to remember, as our very own den mother Michele/DJ G Funk turned the big 3-0! She welcomed her 30’s in with style, bringing together some awesome songs with delicious birthday treats! G Funk introduced the mix as some of her current favorites… a mix she plays on her special day while dancing around the house! I wonder if we looked anything like this tonight…

All right, maybe not. (Sorry, I can’t help myself! I find irreverent humor in serious topics hilarious.)

While we didn’t have a birthday cake with 30 candles,

we did have some tasty waffles cones with cake and sprinkle ice cream! It was like a delicious, cold, portable birthday cake.

While after-dance treats are always nice, we had several ladies turn in their frequent dancer cards and dance on the house tonight! I don’t know how they could hold in their excitement for both DJ G Funk’s birthday AND dancing for free!

I’m sorry to say that we weren’t able to help anyone else celebrate their birthday Thursday. Sorry, President Obama. You’re just going to have to turn 50 on your own.

Ladies, thanks for helping make G Funk’s 30th birthday a smashing success! G Funk – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Here’s to many more dance-birthdays to come! Join us next week Thursday at 6:30 for DJ Groove’s latest and greatest mix – see you then!

Here is our schedule for the rest of August:
4/11 – DJ Groove!
4/18 – open!!
4/25 – DJ Hamsterdance!!!

DJ G Funk’s 30th birthday mix:


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