A perfect summer day with DJ Debutante

DJ Debutante‘s Hot Temper mix had us taking off the white satin elbow gloves and pulling on our boxing gloves for a hot temper throw-down. But while we thought we’d duke it out with each other, the CD player had other plans! Yes, technical difficulties threatened the mix, but as always, dancing prevailed (and a good cd wipe-down)!

Debutante’s mix was the epitome of a soundtrack for a perfect summer day! What does a perfect summer day look like? There’s usually an ice cream truck…

…strawberry picking, although I usually go strawberry picking with my grandma, and she rocks a teal terrycloth tube top and has a terrible taste in music, unlike Debutante…

(I tried really hard to find a picture of my grandma in her tube top, but I couldn’t find one. Your loss.)

…and the perfect summer day ends with a bonfire on the beach, music and dancing supplied by Debutante.

Who knows, maybe we could park an ice cream truck on the beach/strawberry patch and dance around the bonfire with my grandma, all clad in teal tube tops? Debutante – work your magic and make our dreams come true!

Next week, we’re celebrating big time – our den mother Michele/DJ G Funk is saying adios to her 20’s and is dancing in her 30’s with an awesome 30th Birthday mix! Who knows how she’ll celebrate… 30 songs on the mix? 30 second clips of songs? One thing’s for sure, after DDPP we’ll have treats galore on the Old Arizona patio! Maybe even delivered via ice cream truck? Served by my grandma in her tube top? Now there’s a birthday present we all can appreciate. Come on down and celebrate with us!

Our August schedule:
8/4 – DJ G Funk’s 30th Birthday Bash mix!

8/11 – open!!
8/18 – open!!!
8/25 – DJ Hamsterdance!!!!

DJ Debutante’s “Hot Temper” mix:



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