DJ Bouncy Squirrel’s smashing debut and a two week catch-up!

If anyone has missed the weather for the past few days – welcome to July!  It is hands down RIDICULOUS outside, like Minnesota is one of the most uncomfortable places on the planet right now.

All this heat and humidity just makes me want to curl up and nap, nap, nap away until things get a little more tolerable.

What am I trying to say? I’ve been slacking. I’ll admit it; laziness has slowly lulled my world this week. I’ve been so lazy that when I DJ’ed last week, I just replayed a mix I already played. It was still an awesome mix (if accidentally on shuffle… oops?), but 100% unoriginal. You know, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, but by god, there was dancing! (Also, LOOK at Julia Robert’s cellphone. Gotta love the late ’90’s).

Thankfully, the week before that, we welcomed our newest DJ… DJ Bouncy Squirrel!

She blew the doors out and our socks off with her debut mix. Seriously – Fergie, NIN, Andrew WK, The Donnas, AND Gloria Gaynor? DJ Bouncy Squirrel has been a DDPPer for awhile now and it looks like she’s been taking notes, ladies, plotting her own mix of epic proportions.

At the end of the mix, all the dancers looked a little something like this:

Pumped up from the mix, ready to hunt down some nuts for post-DDPP snacking! Thanks for the awesomeness, Bouncy Squirrel; we’re eagerly awaiting your next mix!

Despite the Amazonian weather, we are back at it this Thursday with one of our favs – DJ Groove! She’ll be serenading us via mix while we dance away in our air-conditioned studio. Be there or miss the groove!

DJ Bouncy Squirrel’s debut mix (7/7):

  1. Pink- Get The Party Started
  2. BT- Lullaby for Gaia
  3. Andrew WK- Girls Own Juice
  4. Dirty Vegas- Days Go By
  5. Lords Of Acid- Pump My Body To The Top
  6. Timbaland- The Way I Are
  7. Gorillaz- Feel Good Inc
  8. Donnas- Living After Midnight
  9. Alice Deejay- Don’t Call Me Baby
  10. Fergie- Fergalicious
  11. Brooke Valentine- Girl Fight
  12. Tiesto- No Memory From Yesterday
  13. Akon- Belly Dancer
  14. Alice Deejay- Da Na Na
  15. Casio Kids- Fot I Hose
  16. Nine Inch Nails- Head Like A Hole
  17. Gloria Gaynor- I Will Survive
  18. Timbaland (ft.Justin Timberlake)- Carry Out
  19. Alicia Keyes- Fallin’

DJ Lux’s replayed first playlist, shortened (7/14):


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