DJ Lux and her salute to summer!

It was SWELTERING last Thursday. Hot barely begins to describe the oven that the Twin Cities was going into the holiday weekend. On top of the oppressive heat blanket wrapped around our cities, tragedy struck! We were unable to bask in DJ Aliquot’s glowing mix due to… gasp! The ever terrible, always un-danceable migraine. Unfortunately, we missed Aliquot. Fortunately, we look forward to seeing Aliquot in top-notch dance form soon and enjoy her rockin’ mix.

At the last minute, DJ Lux saved the day with a mix saluting some of the best that summer has to offer:

Walking like an Egyptian in the 100+ degree heat wave:

Loving on Peaches:

No, not that Peaches (although our mix database shows a strong love for her). These peaches:

Celebrating the 4th of July by dancing and jumping in an attempt to be a firework ala Katy Perry:

I have some fireworks from the heart for DDPP (Yes, heart! Not whatever else you may be thinking… swearsies)!

One of our newest dancers, Stirling, hooked us up with a barefoot dancing calendar, so if you’re interested in other barefoot dancing opportunities, check it out!

And who is our DJ for next Thursday? Why, I thought you’d never ask! Another DJ debut, this time by longtime dancer-turned-DJ Bouncy Squirrel! She’s promised not to dance us into heart attacks, so we’ll see if she’s a lady of her word on Thursday at 6:30.

And now for DJ Lux’s 4th of July, summertastic mix:


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