DJ Debutante’s danceable debut!

It started out as a chilly night, but DJ Debutante heated things up with her debut mix! At a balmy 55 degrees, I didn’t think we needed to turn on the AC… however Debutante had me running to turn on the AC after only 15 minutes! Her mix turned the heat on high!

Luckily, none of us wore our DJ-inspired debutante dresses (can you imagine the dry cleaning bill!?!), however, I did imagine we were all in cotillion garb, hoop-skirting it up.

Let me tell you, those debutante ladies may sashay like the best of them, but our DDPP’ers have some awesome moves of their own. Just this week, I saw some swaying, hot-stepping, jumping, hip-shaking, and everything in between.

Den mother Michele was out this week, assisting with DJ Jazzy Jenn’s wedding on Saturday – we send our love out to DJ Jazzy Jenn and her spouse… congrats!!

DJ Debutante, thanks for the fantastic debut – we all look forward to your next mix, which for sure, we’ll all wear our ball gowns. Next week we have the mighty return of DJ Aliquot, so come on out at 6:30 to hear some of her rad tuneage!

DJ Debutante – send us your mix!


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