DJ G Funk sets us on fire!

In preparation for our new DJs Kate and Naomi, I had the raddest, tightest, sequiny-est, neon blast of a dance wardrobe. But then…

Cancellation due to BBQ! Dance magic foiled by a summer classic. Since Minnesota has about 3 minutes of summer, we’ll let it slide. I just hope they were wearing these:

Thankfully, DJ G Funk brought back some DDPP oldie-but-goodie favorites in a mashup/bachelorette party mix hybrid that practically lit our feet on fire.

DJ G Funk’s mix proved you can’t go wrong with a good thing, even if a song’s been played before at DDPP. I may have shrieked and exploded into a dance ball with “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked.”

Props to all our dancers this week, including our new ladies Sterling and Sara! Dance vet DJ Debutante is back next week with her mix- we’ll see you then!

And DJ G Funk’s mix:


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