Sequins. Spandex. Low-Fi.

When you come to Dance Dance Party Party, we want you to be yourself. Really.

Two of our newest ladies rocked that this week, in a hardcore way. After giving them “the spiel” and telling about our trifecta of no boys, no booze, no judgment rules, they looked at each other and said, “We need to change.” Yes, these ladies made the ultimate costume change to:


Not only was there 80’s bodysuits, but some bonding over the ultimate 80’s exercise icon:

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons!

DJ Low-Fi gave one of her awesome mixes as usual. There was jumping, skipping, clapping, handwaving… I never wanted it to end! But then we hit a hard reality – 8:00 means 8:00! With Arizona Dance Studio’s new summer dance schedule, we’ve bumped class up to 6:30 with intentions of starting promptly at 6:30. We had to cut DJ Low-Fi’s mix short due to our late start and missed out on some rad tunage… I can’t remember the last time I fast-fowarded a tape!

Many thanks to DJ Low-Fi for her mix-flexibility and all our dancers who came out tonight! We’ll see you next week with music starting at 6:30… SERIOUSLY! Our new DJs request 80’s spandex next week – if you’ve got it, wear it!

And the mix from DJ Low-Fi:


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