Lux, Gaga, and Madonna… Oh My!

In our first DJ Reaction-less week, we were off our game! Co-den mother Lindsay started the night with, “… Uh, we should dance now.” Co-den mother Michele forgot about our new summer schedule (6:30-8!) and arrived mid-dance. But we picked ourselves up, brushed ourselves off, channeled our Emeritus Den Mother Megan and gave ourselves a pep talk:

Luckily, music saves everything, including answering DJ Low-Fi’s secret wish to hear some Madonna. The mix crocodile rocked us like Elton, rolled us in the deep, and gave us some new Britney and classic MJ.

In a smashing follow-up to last week’s video battle of Madonna and Lady Gaga, we were treated to an epic “Express Yourself” vs. “Born This Way” mashup.

Gaga v. Madonna

And really? In a Gaga v. Madonna mashup battle, we’re all winners.

We’ll see you next week at 6:30(!) when DJ Low-Fi busts out the walkman and wows us with what’s bound to be one of her awesome her eclectic mixes and mad dance skills.

And the mix from DJ Lux:


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