DJ Reaction’s Last Dance

Last Thursday was bittersweet for yours truly. It was, first of all, an amazing night for DDPP, as 21 ladies came out to dance in the disco-ball-lit theater of Old Arizona, serenaded not just by dance music, but also their accompanying videos. But alas, it was also DJ Reaction’s last time getting down with the ladies of the Twin Cities.

It has beeen a wonderful 2-and-something years, and I thank all of you for opening up your hearts to let the dance (and this crazy dancing lady) in. Thank you to everyone who made it out last Thursday, or in the past 31 months to keep me company on the dance floor. I hope you had fun, because I sure did.

But fear not, faithful dancers, the dance shall go on. DDPP_TC is now led by your den mothers Michele and Lindsay, who will hopefully keep the disco ball spinning for years to come.

Megan aka DJ Reaction


One thought on “DJ Reaction’s Last Dance

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