So long DJ Reaction and CH-CH-CH-CHANGES for DDPP!

Yours truly has been honored to be your DDPP den mother for the past 2-odd years. But alas, a new job beckons me to the East Coast, so this coming Thursday will be my last DDPP in the Twin Cities. But, true to form, we den mothers have decided to turn my last time at the turntables into a dance party extravaganza!

For one night only, on Thursday, May 26th, DDPP will leave behind the cozy confines of our dance studio to have class in Old Arizona’s theater! That means professional lights and sound, people! Also, DJ Reaction’s mix will be a selection of music videos which will projected for your viewing pleasure!

How does it get better than that? Oh yeah, there will be celebratory snacks afterwards. So come on out and say goodbye, or just come out and enjoy DDPP turned up to 11!

And starting in June, there will be some changes to the usual DDPP format. First, the lovely Lindsay will be taking over my duties as den mother and filling out the one-two punch of den motherdom with Michele. Also, to make temporal room for some summer dance classes at Old Arizona, we will be moving our start time to 6:30PM. We need to vacate the premises no later than 8pm to make way for the next class, so the dancing will start promptly at 6:30. So be sure to note the change!

Okay, just to recap:

Thursday, May 26th: DDPP in the OId Arizona theater(!), 7-8:30pm, dance starts promptly at 7:10

June 2nd (and onward for summer): DDPP in our usual studio, 6:30-8pm. Dance starts promptly at 6:30.

Hope to see you next week, and if not, remember to keep the dance alive all summer long!


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