12-11-10-9, 8-7-6-5-4, 3-2 and…


Yes, yours truly only has one more DDPP to dance in these lovely twin cities. Tonight was, as your English professor might tell you, DJ Reaction’s penultimate time at the DDPP_TC turntables. The night was low-key and well-lit (thanks to a bright evening sunshine), with a variety of 80’s, hip-hop, and some other randoms thrown in the mix. Like this gem from our collective childhood:

Although no great deal was made about it, yours truly will miss the cozy confines of the Old Arizona studio when she’s alone on the east coast, dancing in her underwear in the living room…

Thanks to all the ladies, vet or newbie, that came to dance!

Next week marks DJ Reaction’s last mix EVER for the Twin Cities, and to celebrate, we’ll be dancing not in the cozy studio, but in the AWESOME Old Arizona theater! There will be music videos projected! There will be awesome hits! There will be an amazing stereo system! And, there will be snacks.

So come on out and say goodbye to this DDPP den mother. Or, just come out and dance your face off.

Until then, here’s the next-to-last playlist that got us dancing for the next-to-last time in May:


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