Awesome! Rainbows! In my heart.

Well, we’ve had record-breaking overcast in the Twin Cities lately, and true to form, I was in quite the funk when I showed up for class tonight.

But then in bust DJ Groove like a rainbow made of hugs and care bears!

It was impossible to not have a smile by the end of class, as we danced to the synthetic sunshine of DJ Groove’s mix. I tell you ladies, no matter how crappy you may feel, no matter how much you may want to stay at home and lie on the couch, if you come to DDPP I GUARANTEE you will leave in a better mood.

That’s a bold, statement, I know, but it’s true. I’m not just a DDPP Den Mother, I’m also a client.

Thank you DJ Groove and to all the ladies that came out Thursday night! I heart all of you! And now, here’s the mix that will bring you awesome rainbows (what’s your favorite color?):


One thought on “Awesome! Rainbows! In my heart.

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