DJ Buzz nos dice Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

What better way to celebrate Mexican heritage than to listen to a mix made in Honduras? Wait, huh?

After last week’s fantastical mix from the east coast (courtesy of the fantastical DJ Noopy-G), it was only natural that we had to up the ante a little bit. Luckily, beloved DDPP dance vet Kari, aka DJ Buzz (and sister to the also-beloved DJ Lux!) sent us a love letter from Central America. Word from sister Lux is that DJ Buzz listens to this mix when she’s doing her laundry:

The mix was like a funky pendulum, swinging back and forth between hot Latin rhythms and sweet booty-shakin’ dance hits and hip-hop. But as I danced to the music, I suddenly wondered: what would it be like to do Lady Gaga’s laundry?

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing there’s a lot of dry cleaning.

Thanks so much to DJ Buzz, and, as always, all of the ladies that came out and shook it last night. It was quite a fiesta! If we had been dancing in vats of soapy water, we would have all been squeaky clean by the mix’s end.

And at this point, I would like to send some DDPP_TC love to all of out-of-town vets, wherever they may be. Please know that you are always in our hearts, and our hearts will go on dancing.

*Cue the music folks*

Thanks Celine.

Okay, see you all next week, right? Right! Next Thursday, we’re going to have a little impromptu mix, courtesy of the lovely DJ Groove. Until then, feast your eyes on this hot Honduran mix!


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