DJ Noopy-G Sends DDPP Some Sunshine

Okay, so I don’t know about my fellow Twin Citizens (Is that what we’re called? No clue.), but the rain, the snow, the cold and the constant grey skies are getting me down. I think this pretty much sums up how I feel:

It’s been so bad that I can barely get myself to the gym, or even–lo and behold–I didn’t even want to go to DDPP on Thursday.

I know.

But my heart started to brighten as I approached Old Arizona. The heavens opened and *cue angels* the SUN CAME OUT!

Of course, that makes for a brighter DDPP than preferred, but hey, one’s loss is another’s gain. Long story short, that night we let the sun shine through the curtains and danced in golden sunbeams. And what better soundtrack than the long-distance dance love sent to us by DJ Noopy-G, DDPP_TC vet and the newest dancer in the revived DDPP Philly. Noopy-G is simultaneously tearing up the dance floor and inspiring the same in ladies over a 1,000 miles away.

Now *that’s* impressive.

And, of course, so were the ladies that came out on Thursday. Thanks to all for a lovely evening that put some spring in my step–literally and figuratively.

And now, for the mix that can part clouds…I think we need to play this every day.


One thought on “DJ Noopy-G Sends DDPP Some Sunshine

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