The Two Week Dance Roundup!

Hi folks,

Your den mother has been a little busy, getting ready to –sniff– LEAVE the Twin Cities. Amidst phone calls with moving companies, her future employer, etc, she’s barely had time to keep up with this lil’ old corner of the DDPP web. But without further ado, I am proud to present the Last Two Weeks of DDPP. (In reverse chronological order.):

Thursday, April 21st: Usually the only thing that keeps this den mother from dancing on a Thursday is either she’s out of town or down for the count for some significant illness. That night, however, the call of egg dying and Yul Brenner proved too tempting as she went off to celebrate Good Friday a day early. Was she a fool? Probably. Rumor has it DJ Groove’s grooves that night got that place hoppin, inspiring moves that would make any Lepus sylvaticus green with envy.

Thanks DJ Groove, for setting the bar of excellence high, as always. How high, you may ask?

Higher than Luigi can jump, at least.

Thursday, April 14th: DJ Reaction spun the first of her “Farewell Series” of mixes, and it was a magical evening. What made it magical? The presence of nearly half of a dozen new ladies, all ready to throw inhibition aside and fog up the windows with hot dance moves. There was a little something for everyone that night, and every lady found at least one song and made it her own. And some of our new ladies brought decades of dance experience with them–amazing style and grace that I can only hope to achieve in my later years! Thanks to everyone who came out! I heart all of you!

Playlists coming soon! Check in for updates! And be sure to come out this Thursday, as we have DJ Noopy-G spins tunes direct from Philadelphia! How can she do that? you may be asking. Well, show up on Thursday and find out!

******************Playlist Update!*****************

DJ Groove:

DJ Reaction:


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