Breakin’ Out with DJ Rashes

Oh man. I can’t tell you sad I was to walk to DDPP, help set up, and then HAVE TO LEAVE. Yes, it’s pretty rare that yours truly has to miss a mix; it’s usually because I’m in another state. But this time, I was in quite a state–a state of extreme illness. So, with a heavy heart, I left our lovely group of ladies and headed next door for a big bowl of pho to help my clogged sinuses and stuffed nose.

Of course, the party must go on, and go on it did, for Heather, also known as the lovely DJ Rashes (yes, rashes can be lovely) infected the crowd with another mix of dance contagions! Despite an ipod that was determined to put her mix in shuffle mode, a good time was had by all. (Take that, technology!) And the final song was a contribution from Mr. Rashes–aww, how sweet! Remember, folks: the couple that DJs together, stays together.

Thanks as always to all of the lovely ladies that got some dancing soup for the soul on Thursday. Next week, yours truly returns to the tables and she spins the first of three mixes that will be known as the “Farewell Series.” More on that later.

But until then, here’s the mix that your den mother was so sad to have missed. I heard it rocked, too!


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